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    Why being a virtual professional is for you!

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    According to international business website – MarketWatch – the economic downturn has generated the need for a multitude of back-office positions, including the virtual professional (VP). MarketWatch logo In fact, the demand for virtual professionals jumped 18% in 2012, along with the professional services that they offer.

    Career outlook for VPs has never been better. In the same article, MarketWatch listed the top 50 freelance careers in the United States. The virtual assistant came in as #12 on the list. This means the need for competent VPs is growing faster than web designers, telemarketers, and even social networking assistants!

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    So what does this mean for you as a virtual professional?

    [dropcap style=”simple”]1[/dropcap] As more traditional staffing options begin to wane, businesses will start looking for alternative staffing solutions.

    [dropcap style=”simple”]2[/dropcap] If trends hold true, now is the perfect time to become a virtual professional.

    [dropcap style=”simple”]3[/dropcap]There will be a lot of unaccredited “virtual assistant schools” that will provide subpar training for your hard earned money.

    [dropcap style=”simple”]4[/dropcap] Setting yourself apart by developing and marketing your skills is more important than ever.

    [dropcap style=”simple”]5[/dropcap] Joining a credible and dependable VP service to provide superior and extensive training is a must to stay competitive and get the best job opportunities.
    [/note] [spacer] [column size=”1/2″ last=”0″] Assist A Boss is the premiere virtual service center. We will prepare you for a successful career as a virtual professional. Founded by a group of corporate professionals, we know what skills you need to excel. Assist A Boss is so dedicated to your success, we offer extensive training options and full reimbursement once training is complete.


    Because talented professionals deserve the flexibility, freedom, and security that a career as a virtual professional affords. Start now.
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