Training for Clients


Training Overview

Training is mandatory and covers everything from the brand and its customers to client specific applications and procedures. You cannot bypass training or get around it. It is required to certify for the client and begin making money. Luckily, all training is conducted online. You can train and work from home or wherever you please as long as you are in a quiet environment. No commute is necessary. Training is generally unpaid, but some client programs do offer you the chance to make money during the nesting phase of certification.


The client dictates the length, dates, and time. Certification can range from 28 days to 8 weeks. It all depends on the complexity of servicing the client. Once you pick a training class you are committed to that schedule and cannot miss a day (or you will be removed.) Therefore, do not enroll in a certification class if you cannot attend the ENTIRE time.


Training does cost a fee. We’ve seen them as low as $19.99 and as high as $250. After all, you are learning a trade and GUARANTEED work after completion. Arise occasionally provides discounts and vouchers towards the cost of training. Some classes even offer a deferred payment option which allows you to pay for the course over a short period of time.


Choosing a client is up to you. We understand the cost can be a little overwhelming and we’re here to help. Once you complete certification, we will reimburse you the cost after 30 days of continuous service. When it’s all said and done, you pay NOTHING for training. Can’t afford training? We may be able to handle the upfront cost.*

*Paycheck deductions are available to select CSPs in financial hardship only. Eligibility application and waitlist required.*