Intent to Hire

  • Attention potential Client Support Professional (CSP):

    Any offer a CSP may receive from Assist A Boss, Inc. is contingent upon completion of the Arise Admissions process, certification for a client opportunity on the Arise network, and successfully working twenty (20) hours of service within ninety (90) days after sign up.

    After the initial ninety (90) days, the CSP's status will be based on the ability to stay client compliant within their designated account(s). The ninety (90) day limit may be extended if the CSP enrolls in a lengthy certification course.

    CSPs are prohibited from switching to another Independent Business Owner (IBO) or starting their own IBO during the first year of service. Any violation of the above terms and conditions shall prohibit consideration for further opportunities, withdrawal from the Assist A Boss team on the Arise network, a penalty fee of $250, and forfeiture of their training reimbursement and current Statement of Work (SOW).

    Independent Contractor Status

    Assist A Boss has partnered with Arise to offer world-class customer support to their client base. This is a work at home contract position, and not direct employment with Assist A Boss or Arise. You are an independent contractor providing customer service, sales, and/or technical support to Arise clients on behalf of the Assist A Boss company.

    As an independent contractor you assume the costs associated with providing your own computer, high-speed internet, digital or landline telephone service, headsets, and income tax.

    Assist A Boss does not withhold any taxes from your paycheck, but we certainly have tax professionals to help you during the tax season. So start keeping your receipts! You can deduct expenses on your taxes for your home office, internet, telephone, computer, and other qualifying expenses.

  • Acknowledgement