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    You can now use a VoIP phone to service clients!

    VoIP phone services

    Did I hear you can now use a VoIP phone?

    Yep! It’s the holiday season and we are excited to announce workstation requirement changes that positively impacts the majority of our CSPs…

    Effective immediately, Arise has eliminated the requirement to service only from a POTS lines (plain old telephone system) on almost all current client programs! What does this mean for us? Well… we now have the option to use either a POTS line or a VoIP phone to service a client program.

    We know you have been requesting this option for quite some time, and we are truly excited that it is now available. You now have the potential to save on your monthly telecom costs.

    VoIP Phone Details

    • A small number of client programs still currently prohibit the use of a VoIP phone while servicing so, for now, a POTS line is still required to service those programs.
    • To ensure the voice quality on a VoIP phone, we require the use of a physical, hard-wired phone. Cell phones, softphones or phones that run from a computer do NOT meet the requirements. For example, magicJack, Skype, Google voice and Ooma are not permitted.
    • You will need to dial a number to service that is not a toll free number. Therefore, you will need unlimited long distance access.