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    Hard Work Information

    There are some people that choose minimalism as a way to flee work. While I understand the appeal, i’m not one among them.

    I enjoy diligence . I find happiness and joy in it. and that i believe, without a doubt in my mind, those that feel the foremost fulfilled at the top of their lives are those that have chosen to figure hard during it.

    Now, just to be clear, i’m not advocating to be busy just to be busy. i’m advocating for the importance of doing all of your work (whether paid or unpaid) during a focused and deliberate way, putting your whole self into it. Doing the simplest you’ll , to accomplish the foremost you’ll , with the one life you’ve got.

    But if one has chosen minimalism as a life-style , where can we find the motivation to find out the way to work hard? in any case , if we are content to have less (even prefer it), what’s the purpose of diligence and striving for success?

    If the goal of labor isn’t to earn more and extra money so we will buy bigger and larger houses and fancier and costlier cars, then what’s the point? If we’ve chosen to live life’s success in additional important terms than material possessions, why would we elect to figure hard?