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What will cause me to fail a background check?

Only criminal convictions are considered and a conviction does not necessarily stop an individual from providing services. When evaluating this information, Arise considers all relevant factors including the bearing the criminal offense may have on the services required by the client program.

However, Arise is unable to do business with individuals that have been convicted of certain charges, including theft, fraud and drug-related situations.

What is an Opportunity Announcement?

An Opportunity Announcement (OA) contains all of the information needed to determine if a particular client program is right for you. Details about the client, call types, additional equipment, certification course schedules and certification requirements are in this document. It is critical that you read OAs thoroughly before expressing interest in a client program. OAs can only be accessed after the registration process is complete.

What are the fees involved with getting started?

Here is a breakdown of the fees:

Background $0
Training $4.99 – $250
Total $0 after reimbursement

*UPDATE* CSP 101 is not required and the background check is FREE.

Training does cost a fee. You will pay the fee to Arise directly. Arise occasionally offers discounts on some classes. We’ve seen fees as low as $4.99 and as high as $250. We understand the costs can be a little overwhelming and we’re here to help. Once you complete training, Assist A Boss will reimburse you 100% of the training cost after 30 days of continuous service.

In the end, you pay for NOTHING!


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