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Sizzling Summer Savings – CSP 101 is now $29

summer sale

There is a CSP 101 sale going on right now for a limited time only. Take advantage of our sizzling summer savings!

Do you want a new career? Are you tired of commuting to work every day? Now you can make a GREAT income from the comfort of home as a Client Support Professional with Assist A Boss!

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Right now our CSP 101 class is $29 (normally $99)!

All CSPs are required to take this important developmental course before joining the Assist A Boss team. The course is simple, informative, and can be completed in only a few hours! If you’ve been thinking about starting a lucrative and stress free career as a CSP, NOW IS THE TIME TO APPLY!

Join Assist A Boss today while CSP 101 is $29 and receive the benefits of working as a virtual professional. With Assist A Boss you can:

  • Work for the best companies on earth
  • Schedule as many hours, at any time you want
  • Do what you love to do and get paid
  • Have unlimited earning potential
  • Pay no application fee
  • Get healthcare for full time work
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We provide world class customer care and services from sales to technical support. Apply today and change your life.

How to Switch Your Arise IBO

csp superheroes

Looking to switch your Arise IBO? Look no further. Join our team of CSP Superheroes!

If you want to change the Arise Independent Business Owner (IBO) that you are currently affiliated with, you will need to contact your current IBO first and ask to be dropped.

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Switch Your Arise IBO to Assist A Boss

To join the Assist A Boss team, simply click on the link that says Join an Arise-affiliated corporation. Next, enter our IB ID number (26139) to join. We will review your request and contact you when the switch is completed. It’s that easy!

A Statement of Work (SOW) is an agreement between the company and Arise. Therefore, any change in the affiliation between the Independent Business and the Client Support Professional (CSP) would require an issuance of a new SOW between Arise and the call center company.

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Blackout Period

[column size=”1/2″ last=”0″] Please note: there is a period of time during each month in which changes to your account are unable to be processed (also known as the blackout period). The blackout periods are:

  • the 1st thru the 6th
  • the 16th through the 21st
[/column] [column size=”1/2″ last=”1″] you cannot switch your Arise IBO during blackout
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8 Tips on How to Make Employees more Productive Part 1

Make employees more productive

keyboard support effective communication

Modern managers are always seeking ways to make employees more productive. The current economy is not only hard on individuals seeking work, but can be challenging for managers who are trying to hold on to good talent. While companies can’t make every employee happy all of the time, they can at least acknowledge and address some of the top reasons that talented employees leave. One of these reasons is that many workers don’t feel like they are being productive in their current line of work.

The following are 8 professional tips to make employees more productive, happy, and less likely to abandon ship.

[note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap]1[/dropcap]Be a Good Employer. One effective way to make employees more productive is to take a look in the mirror. Are you the best manager you can be? Is the company competitive in terms of benefits and services available to employees? Even the most traditional benefits like retirement, have been cut from modern businesses. Hold on to these perks in order to make your company more attractive. Make sure to talk with, not to, employees about expectations, rules, and appropriate conduct. And most importantly be consistent, don’t display favoritism as it initiates hostility, conflict, and resentment.[/note] [note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap]2[/dropcap]Make Them Feel Valued. Be encouraging and always be ready to publicly praise employees. This goes a long way, and instills loyalty in employees. If an employee makes a mistake, instead of berating the person, talk to them with positive language and encourage them to do better.[/note] [note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap]3[/dropcap]Offer a Broad Picture. Managers can make employees more productive by revealing long term goals and objectives. Sharing the vision of the business sparks inspiration and serves as a motivator for employees to meet short term goals.[/note] [note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap]4[/dropcap]Share Goals, Not Just Instructions. If management feels that sharing the big picture will somehow not make employees more productive, they should at least share short term goals so that that employees know why they are being asked to complete a particular task. Ensure new employees touch base with you frequently in order to keep them on track with goals and to offer guidance. Let seasoned employees choose their own path to complete goals once they are shared. Avoid hovering over them, a little trust goes a long way.[/note]

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